Ideas to help you enjoy nature in 2022

6 January 2022
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6 January 2022, Comments 2

Whether you’ve already got (or broken) a New Year’s resolution… be sure to fall in love with nature in a new way this year. Here are some ideas to make ‘enjoying nature’ your priority in 2022. 

  • Take a wildlife quiz. From cool questions on the coldest regions to testing for knowledge on the deep blue sea, learn something new about nature alone or with your family with WWF’s selection of fun quizzes here.
  • Bring nature into your home or garden. Planting a herb or flower as a reminder of our responsibility to steward God’s earth. As you tend to this plant, prayerfully ask God how you might nurture nature better at home in 2022.
  • Spot winter wildlife. Winter is still a great time to be outdoors and see wildlife. Soak up the seasonal sights on your doorstep or find out what you can see in different parts of the UK here.
  • Walk and Worship. Go for a walk in nature and note all the signs of the season. Use this time to reflect on the changing season and what we can be thankful for.
  • Write about or draw something that inspires you in nature. Try this one as a group activity and share your ideas and reflections.
  • Birdwatch. A great way to begin could be taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch this January (28-30).
  • Visit an outstanding area of beauty in the UK. Many of our Partners in Action offer beautiful surroundings and even retreat days or weekends. Check out The National Trust’s website for your nearest escape to nature too.
  • Get to your nearest green space more often. Time spent enjoying God’s creation will help set your mind and seek the things that are above. Bring your your sketch or note book, your Bible, or whatever helps you connect with our heavenly Father. Or perhaps God is inviting you to just bring yourself (with some extra layers!) and simply sit.
  • Bring a friend along! Next time you meet up with a friend, why not suggest an extended or brisk wintery walk together (don’t forget your reusable coffee cups!) 
  • Try out a new delicious meat-free recipe. What we eat impacts the earth’s resources. Get creative in the kitchen and sample some tasty Meat Free Monday recipes here.
  • Grow your own. What could you grow inside your home, in the garden or even at church? Who can you bless along the way? Healthy and rewarding, Vishadhi shares her tips on how she started growing her own fruit and vegetables to bless others in urban Southall, London. 
  • Plan a Wild Time! Plan something completely wild in nature for later this year. Experience kayaking, wild camping, outdoor yoga, forest school, forest church… Make it your resolution to really enjoy what nature has to offer this year. Break out of your normal routine and join a volunteer work party or take to the water for wild swimming. Whatever you do – do something different and have fun in 2022!

Do you have other ideas that would help others to enjoy and connect to God’s wonderful creation? Share them in the comments!

2 responses on “Ideas to help you enjoy nature in 2022

  1. Martin Styles says:

    Everyone should join, and get involved with, their local Wildlife Trust. Their staff and volunteers are working tirelessly all year round for the benefit of wild flora and fauna.

  2. Stephanie Collis says:

    Many thanks for all these lovely ideas and enthusiastic approaches to celebrating nature, wildlife and our wonderful world. There are lots of achievable and enjoyable ideas here to share with our Church family and local Community.