New leaflet offers hope for nature

27 January 2017, Comments Comments Off on New leaflet offers hope for nature

Nature is in trouble – so taking action together is vital. That’s the message from A Rocha UK’s new promotional leaflet. Supporters are encouraged to distribute copies among their own contacts.

Printed using vegetable oil-based inks on 100 per cent recycled paper, the handy-sized leaflet introduces A Rocha UK and shares its message with colourful images and simple text.


Individuals, families and churches are offered practical ways of engaging with God’s earth. Living Lightly and Eco Church are highlighted as ways to get involved at a deeper level. A Rocha UK’s nature reserves Wolf Fields and Foxearth are presented as public demonstrations of practical conservation.

The leaflet explains A Rocha UK’s growing network of Partners In Action. A Rocha UK helps these independent Christian conference, retreat and activity centres manage their land for nature and for people.

‘The biblical message is simple,’ says the leaflet, ‘God loves everything he’s made and wants us all to work together to value and protect it.’

The text lists urgent reasons why we need to protect and care for nature today – climate change, loss of species and the devastation of habitats. ‘Human activity, or inactivity, is directly responsible for much of this destruction and loss,’ the leaflet adds.


In response, the reader can work with A Rocha UK by simply signing up for its monthly eNews – and by supporting the work financially.

‘We want as many people as possible to read our leaflet and join with A Rocha UK in enjoying and caring for nature,’ said CEO Andy Atkins. ‘Will you pass one on to people who might be interested?’

Supporters can order five leaflets each to use at church, among friends and family or work colleagues. Send an email with your postal address or phone 0208 5745935.

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