• Scottish centre joins A Rocha UK
    August 31, 2017

    We pulled together a team of volunteers and took them north of the border for a ‘bioblitz’ survey this summer. The aim was to find what species and habitats reside at our new Partner In Action in Scotland – the Abernethy Centre at Barcaple, Dumfriesshire.


    And our Conservation Director Andy Lester has written about it – with some excitement – in his latest blog. ‘Our own chair of trustees, Steve Hughes, came to oversee bird-ringing, Colin Conroy led a group that catalogued plants and Rick and Barbara Mearns went in search of moths and dragonflies,’ said Andy.

    But the survey wasn’t just about species. Jon Cox, CEO of another partner Adventure Plus, led more volunteers to review the existing outdoor activities – and how they could be integrated into caring for God’s creation.

    Abi Forsythe, our conservation intern, looked at ...

  • Eco Church event: sign up now!
    August 31, 2017

    How can you and your church bring worship truly ‘down to earth’? Join us for the first ever Eco Church Conference to find out!


    Hosted with our friends from the Church of England’s environmental campaign Shrinking The Footprint, this will be a special day for all churches to share and learn together about protecting nature and caring for God’s earth as an expression of discipleship and mission.

    Delegates will have the opportunity to put practical questions from their churches to our experts and hear the stories of other churches working towards the Eco Church Award.

    Contributors will include, among others – our CEO Andy Atkins, our Eco Church Manager Nigel Hopper, our Conservation Director Andy Lester, Bishop of Kingston Rt Rev Richard Cheetham, A Rocha International Director of Theology Rev Dave Bookless, Tearfund Global Advocacy and Influencing Director Dr Ruth Valerio and Historic ... Read more...

  • Have an art for nature
    August 31, 2017

    Art and activism created a powerful blend – when a National Citizen Service team (pictured) worked at our urban nature reserve Wolf Fields recently.

    Over two visits, the team of ten young people learned about A Rocha UK, Wolf Fields – and what they could do to help. Half of them cleared an overgrown area for an art installation, while the other half created colourful signs to help visitors see the different functions around the site. ‘This really showed their creativity,’ said our Community/Conservation Co-ordinator Abi Forsythe.


    Said Community Manager Kailean Khongsai, ‘We hope the proposed art activity will give local people space to engage in creative activity using Wolf Fields as a primary source of inspiration. It will also help them develop new perspectives about their own natural environment’.

    The following day, the team campaigned on Hounslow streets to raise funds for ... Read more...

  • Rare find at Foxearth Meadows
    August 31, 2017

    It’s a rare treat – and it’s turned up at our nature reserve Foxearth Meadows! The variable damselfly hasn’t been seen in the region since the end of World War II.

    According to the British Dragonfly Society, the variable damselfly is scattered but uncommon across mainland Britain. And despite being well known from a handful of sites, the species’ distribution still remains ‘something of an unravelled mystery’, said the BDS.

    So it’s not surprising our Conservation Director Andy Lester is over the moon about our latest visitor! ‘Once again it’s exciting news for a site that’s recently been labelled as one of the best places to see dragonflies in the UK by BBC Wildlife magazine,’ said Andy. ‘Indeed, the site has appeared in numerous publications over the past few weeks – both local and national – and featured on Read more...

  • Comment: Electric cars – could do better
    August 31, 2017

    The UK Government has agreed to steadily phase out diesel and petrol cars. By 2040 all new cars will be electric – or run from alternative energy sources. Surely that’s good news?


    Yes. It’s good news that eventually zero-emission cars will make an important contribution to the historic task of cutting UK PLC’s carbon emissions. In time, this will also help deal with the acute problem of urban air pollution.

    But – and it’s a big ‘but’ – the pace of change is puzzling. Many green economists are arguing that change could and should come much faster. We’re on track for at least a 2C rise in temperatures by 2080 – possibly more. Considering, too, that urban air pollution currently causes around 40,000 premature deaths a year in the UK, one would have thought that public health alone, let alone climate ... Read more...

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