• Comment: Firmer foundations for the future
    May 25, 2017

    wolf fields harvest 3Alarm bells have rung for nature and public health, after three recent Government decisions. Whichever party wins on 8th June should think again.

    We’ve commented previously on the need for a vision for UK’s nature, and the Department for Environment has been preparing a 25-year Plan for Nature. But after several delays to publication, the Government announced in April it would be postponed indefinitely.


    Concerned about weakening environmental protections as the UK prepares to exit the EU, many charities have been arguing for a new Environment Act to bolster things like water and air quality and nature protection. There was gathering political support for it. But the Government announced in May it wouldn’t consider legislation until post-Brexit, threatening the very gap in environmental protection that proponents of the Act hoped it would avoid.

    The Government then sought to delay publication ...

  • Restoring the inner child
    May 25, 2017

    st madoc pic (1)Intrepid environmentalists recently joined A Rocha UK to boost the work of the St Madoc Centre – which enables young adults to become children again.

    A Rocha UK Conservation Director Andy Lester led the volunteering weekend with the St Madoc team. Located on South Wales’ spectacular Gower peninsula, the centre is part of A Rocha UK’s Partner In Action network.


    With the aim of supporting the work at St Madoc, the spring event was a mixture of practical conservation training, site management, worship and prayer.

    ‘We’re grateful for such an incredible team of enthusiastic people from all over the UK,’ said Andy Lester. ‘It was great to see new fences put in, sheds painted, plants potted and birds recorded.

    ‘The warm weather really helped the wildlife. Part of the team recorded more than 300 birds of 60 different species – including ... Read more...

  • Church leaders champion the dragons’ lair
    May 25, 2017

    Rev John Boardman - 1Church leaders joined with politicians, conservationists and families to mark the opening of A Rocha UK’s Foxearth Meadows – Britain’s only nature reserve managed primarily for dragonflies.


    More than 300 people attended the event on 13th May. It started with more than 150 local residents cutting a 100-metre-long ‘eco-ribbon’ (pictured below) to launch what has been described as a ‘perfect’ place for nature. They all took part in a packed one-day programme.

    ‘What a fantastic way to do a ribbon-cutting ceremony,’ said Braintree parliamentary candidate James Cleverly. ‘Never before have I seen community engage like this in the opening of a site for wildlife.’ Foxearth Meadows Nature Reserve is on the Essex-Suffolk border.

    Other guests included – North Hinckford Team Vicar Rev Margaret King, Sudbury Methodist minister Rev John Boardman (pictured above), Sudbury Deputy Town Mayor Sue Ayres and ... Read more...

  • 300 celebrate ‘perfect’ place
    May 17, 2017

    150 people cut the eco-ribbon at Foxearth Meadows

    More than 300 people – from Essex and beyond – celebrated the opening of A Rocha UK’s Foxearth Meadows on 13th May.

    It started with more than 150 local residents cutting a 100-metre-long ‘eco-ribbon’ to launch this ‘perfect’ place for nature.

    Politicians, conservationists, church leaders and families were united in this packed one-day programme to welcome Britain’s only nature reserve managed primarily for dragonflies.


  • Foxearth Meadow Official Opening
    May 9, 2017

    Spring is here and with it I am reminded anew of God’s goodness though nature’s richness – as bulbs flower, trees blossom, migrant birds arrive in these shores, our deciduous trees grow a new coat of leaves. I’m sure it’s a season that lifts the spirits of most of us.

    But I can’t help some sadness when I read the latest statistics that show certain species numbers are tumbling; when I realise I haven’t seen a spotted fly catcher or a live hedgehog for years now, or the dancing troupes of butterflies that were common in my youth.

    What picks me up is a determination to do something and the knowledge that things can be done. And this month A Rocha UK reaches an important milestone at our Foxearth Meadows reserve in Essex: our official opening on Saturday 13th May. I’ll be there with members of my family to enjoy it and ... Read more...

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