• How you showed the love
    February 24, 2017

    show the love pic 1 - 1Communities, churches, schools and individuals ‘showed the love’ for nature – and it was ‘brilliant’ – according to the Climate Coalition.

    The coalition – of which A Rocha UK is a part – are celebrating a successful February campaign. More than six million views of a promotional film were logged. More than 500 community events took place – including Eco Church celebrations – and messages shared across all media.


    From 7th-14th February, participants were able to ‘Show The Love’ for the things that mattered to them – like nature, increasingly affected by climate change – by taking part in this nationwide movement.

    The aim was to make a big deal about the threat of climate change. From organising a church event like Green Communion to arranging a meeting with MPs, people could use ... Read more...

  • Comment: Work for a borderless world
    February 24, 2017

    I woke to the sound of workmen building another brick wall between two of our neighbours. What impact would it have on our local wildlife? The brutal reality is that building walls has become far too acceptable, says Conservation Director Andy Lester.

    We’re all concerned about our own security. Building barriers between ourselves and the outside world has become the norm.


    Take the UK, for example. Our hedgehog population is in free-fall. Scientists have suspected everything from climate change impacting hibernation patterns through to badgers eating them. But what if the primary cause was building walls? Although there’s been little scientific work on the impact of walls on hedgehogs, I believe their decline is almost certainly linked to their no longer being free to roam in search of food.

    Internationally, building walls is also topical. ‘Build the wall!’ has been shouted from the ... Read more...

  • Partner scheme finds rare fungi
    February 24, 2017

    fungi story pic 1 - 1Rare fungi have been found at Steyning Downland Scheme – the 165-acre conservation project that’s part of A Rocha UK’s Partners In Action network.

    The species-rich woodland, chalk grassland and wetland in the South Downs National Park is officially now the only place in West Sussex where you’ll be able to see Timber Mazegill – more formally known as Gloeophyllum trabeum. And it’s the first time this has been found in Sussex.


    It’s a rare bracket fungus, listed in the UK Red Data Book, a recognised conservation guide. It was found growing on an old poplar log pile in the Big Picnic Field by local mycologist Vivien Hodge.

    It’s so unusual, Vivien had to send a specimen off to experts at Kew Gardens to have it positively identified. However, if fungi fans want to ... Read more...

  • Events will cherish the earth
    February 24, 2017

    conference story pic - 1Mobilising churches and cherishing churchyards will be the themes of two forthcoming conferences – and A Rocha UK plays a key role in both of them.

    A Rocha UK chief Andy Atkins will speak on ‘Saving Planet Earth – a serious role for the Church?’ at Ripon College, Cuddesdon, on 29th April. A Rocha UK volunteer David Curry is helping host a conference on ‘Devon’s Living Churchyards’ at the historic Buckfast Abbey on 6th May.


    Andy Atkins will address the Christian Rural and Environmental Studies day on mobilising the Church on the environment. A Rocha UK is a partner in CRES which is led by the John Ray Initiative of Christians working in science.

    Not only will the programme be relevant to those on the CRES course, but also to anyone else interested in the environment. The ... Read more...

  • Meet us at Foxearth Meadows
    January 27, 2017 Meet us at Foxearth Meadows

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