• Comment: Act on your concerns
    January 27, 2017

    comment february 2017 enews - 1Threat of the next mass extinction is a key concern for 2017. As we closed 2016, the UK and US media were talking of the end of many species within our lifetimes.

    Some of the names talked about were iconic mammals like the giraffe, tiger and polar bear. Others were less well known but equally important – such as numerous tree frog species of South and Central America.


    In the UK, one in every two birds that would’ve been seen in 1960 have since vanished. That’s one in every two house sparrows, one in every two starlings and one in every two kestrels. That’s the average. Some species like the turtle dove are on the verge of extinction in the UK.

    So what can we do?

    This year, A Rocha UK will be working hard at building our network ... Read more...

  • Comment: Hang on to hope
    January 3, 2017

    New Year offers new hope. We abandon unwelcome aspects of the past and grasp new opportunities to do better in the year ahead. CEO Andy Atkins sees three opportunities for the UK to do better for natural environment in 2017.

    First, on nature. The Government will publish its 25-year plan for nature. We need it to be good. UK nature is in deep trouble, according to the 2016 State Of Nature report by charities – which included A Rocha UK (pictured is the report presented by David Attenborough. Photo: RSPB). More than one in ten of 8,000 species studied could disappear from these shores. We urgently need a strong plan to reverse this, led by Government, supported by the public. That would bring hope to supporters of conservation charities.


  • Call for new education intern
    January 3, 2017

    call-for-new-education-internLead the emerging generation into nurturing ‘wild nature’. That’s the challenge from A Rocha UK as its education team calls for a new intern to work with children across West London.


    Helping to deliver a full environmental education programme is the aim of this unique voluntary role. Assisting Education Officer David Melville, the intern will create engaging activities and prepare fun learning resources.

    Running environmental encounters, holiday park specials and other events at sites and schools around West London will be part of the job. The intern will help express A Rocha UK’s message of Christian hope for the environment.

    Engaging assemblies and indoor wet weather alternatives are essential parts of this three-day-a-week role. Schools work will be linked to the national curriculum 2014. Time will be split between the Wolf Fields urban nature reserve and Minet Country Park. ... Read more...

  • Eco Church enjoys Manx welcome
    January 3, 2017

    peel-cathedral-isle-of-man-1Manx Christians have welcomed Eco Church to their island – after A Rocha UK ran a series of meetings and interviews there.

    Churches And Theology Director Dr Ruth Valerio spearheaded a packed programme of media interviews and speaking engagements to launch A Rocha UK’s Eco Church award scheme on the Isle of Man. Many churches were surprised to find they were already on the right path – with some naturally qualifying for an Eco Church award.


    Dr Valerio visited the Isle of Man on the first weekend of the First Sunday of Advent. Christian Aid IoM helped her run the Eco Church launch programme, which included:

    – a drop-in at the Green Centre;
    – teaching ministers and lay readers of the diocese of Sodor and the Isle of Man;
    – Sunday sermon at Broadway Baptist Church;
    – World Development Group meeting;

  • Be green and be seen
    January 3, 2017

    show-the-love-story-1Wear your green heart on your sleeve. That’s the message to A Rocha UK supporters to celebrate nature and support action on climate change.

    A Rocha UK is inviting supporters to wear the ‘green heart’ symbol and ‘Show The Love’ for a nationwide campaign (pictured). Resources can be downloaded to make your own green heart – among a wide range of resources for community and school events.


    Concerned Christians are also encouraged to organise or take part in a local event – such as celebrating A Rocha UK’s ‘Green Communion’ at their church – and making sure it’s promoted and registered as part of the initiative.

    It’s all part of ‘For The Love Of’ campaign run by the Climate Coalition, of which A Rocha UK is a member. People are urged to make February a month where they ‘Show ... Read more...

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