• Comment: Poll for the planet
    July 4, 2016

    atkins comment - 1However we voted in the EU referendum, and whatever we feel about the result, at least we had the right to vote. Nature has no vote. Yet the result leaves UK nature under great threat.

    But Christians acting together have a key role in defending it.


    Many of our key environmental protections in the UK – on birds, habitats, as well as air pollution and water quality – originated as EU legislation. Even before the referendum, some senior politicians were seeking to water this down. The danger now is that, in departing the EU, we lose these protections.

    So, what can we nature-loving Christians do?

    We must pray for the protection of nature. We must use our democratic rights to help answer that prayer, urging legislation and action in favour of nature.

    But we can offer much more. The referendum exposed deep ... Read more...

  • Wasteland becomes a ‘milestone’
    May 27, 2016

    wolf fields crowd - 1Nearly 200 people descended on a formerly intimidating West London drug den to celebrate its dramatic transformation into an inviting urban nature reserve.

    Described as a ‘milestone’ by A Rocha UK chief Andy Atkins, Wolf Fields drew community workers, volunteers, residents and representatives of eight churches from across Southall to a springtime open-air worship service.


    ‘It was very moving,’ said Andy Atkins. ‘A high point was hearing the story behind the work and seeing the derelict site restored – amid scenes of a freshly planted orchard, birds singing and so many local supporters smiling.’

    Andy pointed out Wolf Fields is not only a successful community project, but also a model for other communities across the nation. ‘It’s A Rocha UK’s vision to see other similar sites transformed in towns and cities all around these islands,’ Andy added.

    The May event ...

  • Make a stand for Eco Church
    May 27, 2016

    CRE stand busy - 1Hot on the heels of the Eco Church appeal fund, A Rocha UK set up their first ever stand at the Christian Resources Exhibition (CRE).

    A Rocha UK displayed their award scheme at CRE just after the Eco Church appeal fund was launched by CEO Andy Atkins. ‘We’re delighted at the demand for Eco Church,’ said Andy. ‘Now we need to raise funds to respond effectively.’

    Supporters have been encouraged to donate online (at – quote EC201605 in the comments box so your donation can boost our work with churches). People have also been advised that they can give by post (FREEPOST RSSB-SCBG-CSKR, A Rocha UK, 18 Avenue Road, Southall UB1 3BL – use the code ‘EC201605’ on the reverse of any cheque or charity voucher ... Read more...

  • PM digs for victory in youth work
    May 27, 2016

    Dave and Andy Prime Minister David Cameron connected with the roots of nature when he joined A Rocha UK Conservation Director Andy Lester and Adventure Plus chief Jon Cox for a recent tree-planting ceremony in Oxfordshire.

    Mr Cameron was helping put the finishing touches to a newly expanded copse on Adventure Plus’s site. It’s the first stage of an ‘adventure base’ to enable hundreds of children enjoy nature and acquire bushcraft skills.


    Adventure Plus has been working with A Rocha UK and other partners to plant more than 1,500 new trees in this wildlife-rich copse as a place for birds and animals to live – and young people to learn.

    The Prime Minister discussed with Andy Lester the importance of steering youth away from computers and into the countryside. ‘We must get young people more engaged with the outdoors,’ said Mr ... Read more...

  • Help bring heaven down to Foxearth
    May 27, 2016

    foxearth hard graftYou can help bring heaven down to Foxearth. All you have to do is contact ranger Mark Prina.

    Mark (pictured) is compiling a list of volunteers to care for A Rocha UK’s 11-acre nature reserve and further enhance this beauty spot that’s already home to many wonders – including dragonflies and nightingales.


    On the Suffolk-Essex border, Foxearth is a vast meadow close to Constable’s Barn that holds 20 of the known 45 species of dragonfly. This fact alone makes it a major conservation site.

    Interest has already been shown by local Christians – including Sudbury Methodist Church and the North Hinckford Benefice of Anglican churches. Mark is keen to recruit even more helpers.

    ‘Many strands are developing at Foxearth,’ said Mark, ‘and it’s great fun keeping the plates spinning!’

    Helpers have also been hard at work assisting Mark in developing some of the ... Read more...

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