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28 November 2014
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‘I don’t mind if it rains or freezes’

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dozen dig for victory 2West Londoners brought some joy amid miserable weather when they gathered for a work party at A Rocha UK’s Wolf Fields scheme – to help transform this wasteland into a community garden.

They were closely followed by landscape gardeners who then finished off much-needed pathways that will lead visitors to all the essential elements of the site.

Despite recent rainstorms, more than a dozen supporters spent over three hours removing large bags of rubbish, cutting back brambles and clearing overgrowth at Wolf Fields.

‘Most local people came well prepared, bringing their own tools as well as food and drink,’ said Community Worker Kailean Khongsai. ‘Lunchtime was amazing. People chatted, shared food and exchanged contact details.

‘It’s encouraging to see so many willing to brave the winter weather and volunteer their time to serve the community,’ he added. One participant said, ‘We’re working for the benefit of our own community, and I don’t mind if it rains or freezes’.

28 November 2014
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Churches unwrap Advent

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churches unwrap adventChurches across the country have been singing the praises of an online Advent calendar that’s kind on the pocket and the planet.

Congregations from Enfield to the Isle of Man have been sharing news about A Rocha UK’s eco-friendly resource in their own newsletters and magazines – thanks to Parish Pump – the online treasure trove for church magazine editors.

The calendar includes such tips as – how to choose a ‘happy turkey’, recycle Christmas cards, re-use wrapping materials, shop at charity stores and create candles that are kinder to creation. Each online window opens on a practical plan to soothe the seasonal stress on the environment.

Parish Pump had been offering their subscribers extracts from A Rocha UK’s Advent calendar. And an increasing number of church publications have been snapping them up. The resource is available at – – throughout December. (Photo: Elena Abduramanova/Shutterstock)

28 November 2014
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Double for damselflies!

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Damselflies are in distress. Along with dragonflies, more than a third of the UK’s native species are in long-term decline. But A Rocha UK […]

12 November 2014
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Westminster hears ‘agenda of hope’

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There is an affordable and achievable ‘agenda of hope’ to save the planet, politicians and journalists heard in Westminster recently (5th November). A Rocha […]

8 November 2014
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Interview with Ed Brown

8 November 2014, Comments Comments Off on Interview with Ed Brown
Ed Brown, caring for creationThe American Christian leader, speaker and writer talks with Mairi Johnstone about his mission to spread the message of caring for creation

Together they talk about what inspires him, and how to mobilise the church to exercise creation care.

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