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6 October 2014
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World marchers swamp city streets

6 October 2014, Comments Comments Off on World marchers swamp city streets

climate march 9When more than 40,000 people swamped the streets of London and Manchester for the historic Climate March, A Rocha UK workers, volunteers and supporters were among them.

A Rocha UK banners were lifted high as marchers walked from Temple to Westminster on 21st September, urging world leaders to act on climate change.

‘It was just one of 2,700 events happening across 161 countries worldwide,’ said A Rocha UK’s Policy Officer Stephen Drury, ‘and we were proud to be a part of it!’ These mass marches were timed to coincide with the United Nations summit on climate change, which took place the following Tuesday in New York. More than 300,000 took part in that city’s march.

‘It was overwhelmingly encouraging,’ Stephen said of the London march. He met with volunteers from A Rocha UK at a gathering point for faith groups in Inner Temple Gardens. Stephen said there was ‘an expectant atmosphere’ as marchers gathered there. ‘There was a sense of fellowship and friendship as we connected with different organisations,’ he added.

26 September 2014
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Labour called to be louder on climate

26 September 2014, Comments Comments Off on Labour called to be louder on climate

ruth at labour service 3Labour should ‘get noisy again’ about climate change, says A Rocha UK’s Churches and Theology Director Dr Ruth Valerio.

She was speaking at the church service that marked the start of this week’s Labour Party conference in Manchester. In their work of restoring God’s earth, A Rocha UK reach out to politicians of all persuasions.

‘With the General Election looming,’ Ruth told her audience, ‘I want to call on Labour to set out a strong stall on what climate action looks like.’

While praising the party for past achievements, she urged them to make this issue central to its manifesto. ‘Climate action has to move beyond carbon emissions targets,’ added Ruth.

26 September 2014
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Where policy and lifestyle meet

26 September 2014, Comments Comments Off on Where policy and lifestyle meet

I’ve got two daughters, 14 and 11. And they’re discovering nostalgia, a trip down memory lane. They’re enjoying remembering things they used to like, […]

10 September 2014
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Sir David Attenborough urges faith leaders to fight for nature

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Leading naturalist Sir David Attenborough has joined Christian conservation charity A Rocha UK and others, in encouraging faith groups to save nature.

Sir David and A Rocha UK’s Conservation Director Andy Lester were both on the speaking team at the ‘Conference For Nature’ event in Church House last week (3rd September 2014) – which drew more than 250 people, including other experts from across the environmental lobby.

Just before the event, Sir David urged religious leaders to pursue conservation. ‘From you and I in our own domains, from business magnates to politicians, and from farmers to faith leaders, everyone has an opportunity to save nature,’ he said. ‘With an increasing global footprint, mankind is intensifying the crisis for wildlife, but as individuals we can all be a part of the solution for saving it, too,’ he said.

Addressing the role of faith groups in environmental work, Andy Lester highlighted projects by A Rocha UK partners – and the charity’s own scheme to turn a former West London drug den into a community garden.

9 September 2014
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Reflections on Conference for Nature

9 September 2014, Comments Comments Off on Reflections on Conference for Nature

A Franciscan friar, a senior MP and the leader of an aggregate firm walk into a room. But it’s no joke. I was thrilled to be […]

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