Churchyard Conservation

Many of our 40,000 churches have churchyards, burial grounds, gardens or other land around them, or nearby, which can be used to demonstrate care for God's earth.


Working with A Rocha UK, many churches have come to realise by actively engaging in practical conservation work in their churchyards, they've discovered new ways to engage with their local communities. Here at A Rocha UK, we're keen to see this approach replicated as widely as possible. We strive to make conservation expertise and resources available to churches that want to demonstrate care for God's earth, and to facilitate Christian communities sharing their insights and perspectives with the conservation community.

Contact Us about churchyards

Our churchyard conservation advisor is happy to offer advice to churches wanting to manage their land in ways to encourage wildlife. From time to time we have projects relating to particular species of interest in churches and churchyards.

For example, bats should be of particular interest to churches because church buildings are such an important source of roost sites. We have been working with the Bat Conservation Trust to encourage churches to take an interest in their bats, and to understand their place in the ecosystem. Find out more and access our bat leaflet to help you understand and co-exist with bats in your church: here.