Being Community

  • Apply to be a governor of your local school. Make sure the school is aware of sustainability in its teaching and policies – recycling, travel, cycling provision, food policy, and electricity supply.

  • Join Streetbank. This is an online lending scheme which shows how you can share resources in your neighbourhood.

  • Join your local community or residents’ association – or parish council – and be an advocate for sustainable community. If there isn’t one, why not band together with a few neighbours and start a community / residents' association?

  • Young people today can get a strong sense of being green. Why not encourage that by becoming involved in the youth provision for your local area? Support your local youth leaders in church and community, and help them to share the vision about the environment.

  • Look to start a community energy project. This enables people to have control over their energy and benefit collectively from the outcomes. There are many examples across the UK, with at least 5,000 community groups undertaking energy initiatives in the last five years – from community-owned solar panels and wind turbines to collective purchasing of heating oil. For more information click here.

  • When you’ve finished with a piece of furniture or other household item, see if you can pass it on to someone else. Discover people who are giving – and getting – stuff for free at Freecycle or Freegle.

  • Find out your local Facebook for wanted/for sale page.

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