Being Political

  • Turn your town into a ‘Fairtrade Town’. There are more than 590 Fairtrade Towns in the UK. For more information, see Fairtrade Foundation.

  • Stand up and have your say whenever your council is running public consultations on such issues as – transport, waste disposal and building development.

  • Campaign to increase awareness and understanding of recycling facilities in your community.

  • Contact your local cycling group and discover how you can influence your council to build or improve cycle paths. Find out where your nearest cycling group is by visiting the British Cycling website.

  • Support your local shops. Find out what fairtrade and local products they stock. Encourage them to carry other supplies relevant to your area.

  • Join the ‘20's Plenty for Us’ initiative, which campaigns for 20mph to become the default speed limit on residential and urban streets. More than 14 million people already live in communities that have changed their behaviour to drive slower in residential streets and where people walk and cycle. Find out more by visiting their website.

  • Discover who your local councillors and MP are. Talk to them about the local – and global – environmental issues that concern you.

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