Wolf Fields Illustrated Map

Wolf Fields Illustrated Map

A vital part of conservation is identifying which species are present in an area and in what abundance, so that appropriate measures can be taken to manage those areas in need of protection.

As a way to make the best use of our resources and expertise at A Rocha UK, we provide a consultancy service to those who would like advice on if and how to put a management scheme in place.

So what makes us distinctive from other consultants? Our faith. With A Rocha UK, you will not only receive scientifically sound survey reports, management plans and Environmental Impact Assessments, but at the same time we offer ideas that not only reveals the beauty and wonder of creation, but also the Creator.

Some examples of these are; prayer gardens or prayer walks, management plans specific for church land, Faith based wildlife events and interactive community events, focused on wildlife.

Our team of ecologists can provide information on all taxa of fauna and flora. We offer a set rate of £400/ecologist/day, which includes mileage within a 200 mile radius of London (beyond which we charge 40p/mile). For extensive projects a discounted rate can be discussed. There will be no additional charge for surveys that take longer than originally discussed.

...the excellent survey, plus report on the work was very thoroughly planned; the interviews with interested parties and stakeholders...was clear, helpful and encouraging. The report was outstanding - far more detailed, instructive and with good historical perspective, ideas, possibilities and all excellent value for money.

For more details, please contact Andy Lester on 07506 702799 or by email via