Common Frogs

Common Frogs

Few species of herpetofauna are found within the Minet Recording Area. Of the four species which have been seen, only one (Smooth Newt Triturus vulgaris) is at all numerous, while one (Red-necked Terrapin Chrysemys scripta elegans) is an alien species which is increasingly found in ponds and canals in the London area, following their release from captivity by pet-owners who found that they quickly grew too big to handle.

As time goes on and the aquatic habitats improve in the Country Park it seems likely that species such as Common Frog will become more numerous and other species, notably Common Toad Bufo bufo will start to be seen. There have been several anecdotal reports of Great-crested Newt Triturus cristatus in the area but none of these have been substantiated and it seems likely that they actually referred to large male Smooth Newts.


Newts and Salamanders: Salamandridae

Smooth Newt Triturus vulgaris

True Frogs: Ranidae

Common Frog Rana temporaria


Tortoises and Turtles: Testudinidae

Red-necked Terrapin Chrysemys scripta elegans

Colubrid Snakes: Colubridae

Grass Snake Natrix natrix