Lackey Moth Caterpillars
Lackey Moth Caterpillars

The Lackey Moth caterpillar has striped colours which resembled the livery lace once worn by servants or lackeys.

All names have been taken from

126 species of moths from the following families have been recorded, (Minet Country Park Moth List application/pdf, 29.9 kB) 18 of which are listed on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP).

  • Zygaenidae
  • Oceophridae
  • Torticidae
  • Crambidae
  • Lasiocampidae
  • Drepanidae
  • Thyatiridae
  • Geometridae
  • Sphingidae
  • Notodontidae
  • Lymantriidae
  • Arctiidae
  • Nolidae
  • Noctuidae