The Partners in Action are a collaborative network of Christian land managers demonstrating active care for the natural world.

This network is coordinated by A Rocha UK; we work together in practical ways such as participating in joint conservation work like the Target Ten Project, by sharing ideas and information, and by praying for one another.

Through Partners in Action, A Rocha UK helps support local initiatives to achieve their conservation-based goals.

A Rocha UK can offer partners such services as – helping host events, conducting species surveys or providing conservation guidance.

A Partner in Action should show a similar ethos to A Rocha UK. Its objectives should exhibit the five A Rocha Core Commitments.

Partners in Action are youth outdoor centres, community groups, intentional communities and retreat centres. All of them are working for a positive impact on their land and their visitors out of a conviction that Christians have a responsibility to care for the natural world and those who inhabit it. We hope you will get involved with a Partner near you!

Farms, Reserves and Estates

City Farms and Community Projects

Adventure and Outdoor Centres

Cathedrals and Church land

Conference Centres

Retreat Centres

Education centres and Forest Schools