Partners in Action are locally owned and managed, practical conservation projects.

A Rocha UK provides expertise and resources to help support the dreams and visions of community groups around the country.

Our hope is that this will increase accessibility to green space, enhance biodiversity and educate people about the environment.

The Abernethy Barcaple Centre, new Partner in Action Summer 2017

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Partner in Action  Partner in Action Potential Partner  Potential Partner A Rocha UK Centre  A Rocha UK Centre A Rocha UK Project  A Rocha UK Project

Through Partners in Action, A Rocha UK helps support local initiatives to achieve their conservation-based goals.

A Rocha UK can offer partners such services as – helping host events, conducting species surveys or providing conservation guidance.

A Partner in Action should show a similar ethos to A Rocha UK. Its objectives should exhibit the five A Rocha Core Commitments.