Adventure Plus Conservation Officer Tom Gee. Photo by Lydia ReeseAdventure Plus Conservation Officer Tom Gee. Photo by Lydia Reese
Adventure Plus is a Christian outdoor adventure charity, providing young people with opportunities for personal growth through outdoor adventure based in Oxfordshire.

Since 1990, Adventure Plus (A+) has worked with over 50,000 young people and adults through outdoor adventures. A+ can bring the adventure to you, support you on adventures at one of their Associate Centres, or take you to remote parts of the country. In October 2014, after much prayer and fundraising, they were able to purchase their site, Windmill Farm, in Oxfordshire.

Adventure Plus is developing Windmill Farm to be a base for adventure activities, outdoor education, and a conservation demonstration site; showcasing how an area can be multi use and friendly to wildlife and conservation. The major site plan is in development, though work for wildlife conservation is ongoing around the current buildings and through hedge planting and work in the site’s ash and hazel copse next to a tributary of the Thames.

Nest Box. Photo by Tom Gee
Nest box. Photo by Tom Gee

Adventure Plus is working to conserve the Target Ten species of house martins and honeybees. They have put up nest boxes and are working on improving their site for pollinators.

To get involved at Adventure Plus, contact them for information about volunteering with a working party on one of their conservation projects.

There also may be opportunities for gap year placements, for more information contact the centre at 01993 703 308 or visit their website at