The Lea Brook Valley Project is a community group coordinated by local Christians in Dronfield, Derbyshire, working for conservation and community engagement in the urban nature reserve in the heart of their town.

The Lea Brook Valley in the heart of Dronfield is a 1 km green corridor along the main waterway of the Lea Brook. The Lea Brook Valley Project, formed of volunteers from the churches and other local residents, transformed the site from an underused area filled with rubbish to a lovely green space enjoyed by residents and wildlife alike. Rubbish has been removed, a woodland path built to protect wildflowers, timberwork repaired, bat and bird boxes installed, and stream pollution reduced.

Collaboration with Yorkshire Water has resulted in sustainable flood meadows, which help to reduce surface water flooding in this vulnerable area.

The Green Team meet regularly to organise local events, take part in conservation training and organise regular 'work days'. A range of activities take place varying from litter picks, repairing bird and bat boxes, ‘Forest School’ type activities for children and families, and other community events such as the annual NatureFest.

The Lea Brook Valley Project is participating in the Target Ten Project with a focus on hedgehogs, with a major initiative begun in 2018 to educate and involve residents surrounding the reserve in hedgehog conservation by creating travel corridors between gardens and providing cat-proof hedgehog boxes for local residents.

The Lea Brook Valley Project is always looking for volunteers to get involved with practical projects and work days. There may also be openings to volunteer as part of the Green Team on strategic planning and vision. If you would like more information or would like to offer your skills or time at the Lea Brook Valley, please contact