Lee Abbey Devon is a Christian intentional community on the stunning North Devon coast providing hospitality to guests on holiday and retreat.

The Lee Abbey community lives together and welcomes guests to their beautiful home overlooking the Bristol Channel. The community aims to communicate Christ through relationships. They believe that a right relationship with the environment is part of Christian life with God the Creator, and that we have a responsibility to live in a way that respects and cares for our world. They work “to give opportunities for our guests and community members to re-connect with the wonder of creation, from the smallest insect to the most expansive views. From eating our own beef and lamb to weeding our herb garden, walking along the clifftop footpath to collecting shells on the beach, we seek to make space where God can speak and touch us through the world we share with all creation.

The estate encompasses woodland and pasture, clifftop and seashore. The Lee Abbey team and regular volunteer parties work hard to make it a welcoming place for all visitors; human and wildlife. The team remove invasive species like rhododendron, manage the woodlands sustainably, and care for their cattle, sheep, and pigs with minimal pesticides so that the pastures provide habitat for insects, mammals and birds. Several of the buildings around the house and estate provide roosting opportunities for bats, including a large maternity colony of lesser horseshoe bats.

Lee Abbey is participating in the Target Ten Project with a special focus on adders and house martins. Their site on the coast is an important part of UK martins’ stopover on the migration route, especially in the autumn, and also is important for the adder, which is declining due to persecution and habitat loss in the UK.

Lee Abbey has regular working parties, do get in touch if you would like to join them! Or perhaps you are looking for something more - why not think about joining the community?

For more information please see the Lee Abbey Website, or via email at environmental@leeabbey.org.uk.

Download our Top Ten Scavenger Hunt

If you're heading to Lee Abbey Devon, use this handy guide to identify the marine life that can be found there and see how many of them you can find!