This scheme seeks to encourage the local community, with a particular focus on young people, to engage in protecting, conserving and enhancing the natural beauty of their surroundings for the benefit of the community, the land and its wildlife.
Steyning Downland Scheme (SDS) was initiated by the Goring family on the Wiston Estate in partnership with A Rocha. The SDS is now a separate charity, and has its own local steering group and is overseen by a board of trustees which include people from the local community and partner organisations. The 160 acres of chalk downland adjacent to Steyning is comprised of species-rich grassland, a watercourse and ponds. A wide range of educational, research and community events take place on the land each year. For more information visit, or contact Matthew Thomas, Project Manager, email / tel: 01903 817996.
Big Picnic Event Bowling

Big Picnic Bowling