Target Twenty-five: Christians engaged in practical conservation work

Target Twenty-five (T25), is A Rocha UK’s project to support our Partners to take practical action to help a range of declining species, taxonomic groups (such as amphibians) and threatened habitats (such as grasslands and woodlands).

Our Partners will focus on a wide range of places and species that are struggling with the effects of climate change, habitat loss and pollution. A Rocha UK will help each Partner to identify species on their particular site which could be managed effectively to increase populations.

To support Partners with their work, we have developed information packs on each one of the T25 species to help identify the species, give guidance  on how the Partner can boost local populations and instructions on how to  monitor and record them.

We are also encouraging each Partner to use iRecord to monitor and list the species recorded as a way of measuring improvements in populations in response to the work done to care for the species on site. Using iRecord can inform further land management plans created in the years to come.

These are exciting times, and we believe things can change for the better when we work together as a network. Every story of hope offers more inspiration and momentum to take action to address the biodiversity crisis we face.