Magnificent Earth Poetry

26 June 2021
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26 June 2021, Comments 1

Our ancient magnificent earth

Creation is crying out, how can we fully save the world?

Caused by human consumption and labour,

Wasteful resources, closer to our apocalypse 

Abundance plundering, reserves unable to savour

Deserving our real love, us taking care properly of the planet

Instead a vicious cycle of disrespect and abuse.

Flowing ecosystem, oceans and food chain

Horrendously in agonised pain, wild animals endangered and becoming extinct

Corals being our lifeline, becoming dry skeletons

On the brink of man made instead of natural disaster, 

Our threatening footprint and selfish behaviour- the main corruption catalysts

Business and greed causing it to unfortunately happen faster.

Elastic pulsating nature, pulled extremely hard to breaking point

Soon to snap causing our whole world to be destroyed

Nothing can preserve, sustain or fill this future void

Unless we all take drastic action!

Quit burning the atmosphere, diminishing her splendour.

Even biodegradable plastic, for the long term sadly not so fantastic

Forceful transformation has to be done right away,

We need to explore, aim to our full potential

Using all the credentials, tender love unconditional

Only God can save us, so please listen to what he teaches

To care, respect others and living creatures.

Dear God, please channel the Holy Spirit towards restoring earth, towards a plentiful new birth before Christ arrives once more.

This poem was written by Katie Allen for the Wild Christian email, ‘Nature and the arts.’ Katie is a London-based spoken word poet and artist.She is an events instructor, workshop leader, blogger and overall creative. Follow her at: @klastroldn or

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One response on “Magnificent Earth Poetry

  1. Pam Martin says:

    Love the phrase “main corruption catalyst”. Speaks volumes in three little words. I shall quote this when I do talks about Eco Church if I may please.