Oxfordshire village plans 'wild' weekend

23 June 2015, Comments Comments Off on Oxfordshire village plans ‘wild’ weekend

SAMSUNG CSCWhat makes a quaint and quiet English village go wild? The answer is a Christian conservation charity called A Rocha UK.

The West London-based organisation will help spearhead a weekend of environmental activities at Chinnor, a community in South Oxfordshire. They are assisting Chiltern Gateway Project with ‘Chinnor Goes Wild’ – which features events ranging from a school assembly to a village camp from 26th-28th June.


One of A Rocha UK’s Partners In Action, Chiltern Gateway Project have been holding events in the area since 2007, bringing church and community together to focus on ‘creation care’. The aim of this latest initiative is to keep the programme fast-paced and fun for this humble village of 6,000.

Chinnor is pleasant enough now with its pubs, churches and thatched cottages. But events must have turned wild over the centuries as the Roman invasion and later the English Civil War struck the area. Fortunately, this latest ‘wildness’ will be safer and won’t involve any gory battles.

‘People will be camping on the village green, going for walks to find “beasts” in the undergrowth, getting involved in professionally led outdoor pursuits and doing some nature art,’ said one of the organisers Bob Sluka, who advises A Rocha UK on marine issues.


The Saturday will finish with a series of short, snappy talks by A Rocha UK workers at Chinnor Community Church. ‘Our goal is to serve churches and the local community by helping them understand the state of wildlife in the UK,’ said Bob. ‘People will be inspired by what is being done by Christian groups like A Rocha UK, to protect and restore the natural world.’

The talks and presentation will run from 7.30-9.30pm on 27th June. Among the speakers will be A Rocha UK Conservation Director Andy Lester, who often serves as a spokesperson for the environment on TV and radio, and David Beattie, an A Rocha UK volunteer and wildlife expert.

‘We hope other churches and communities could follow suit and adapt this idea of a village or town-wide initiative to promote environmental issues,’ Bob explained.


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