Permaculture Intern Opportunity

27 July 2020
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27 July 2020, Comments Comments Off on Permaculture Intern Opportunity

A new and exciting opportunity to train in the walled Kitchen Garden at Ashburnham Place, Battle, East Sussex. This 150 year old space has started to come back to life in the last 4 years , producing a wide range of fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat using regenerative agriculture.

All vegetables are grown naturally using our own compost on a double cropping basis with minimum soil disturbance.  We utilise inside and outside growing spaces and extended growing seasons using natural heat from hot beds. We follow Foundations for Farming Principles of On Time, To Standard, With Little Or No Waste, With Joy and are partnered with A ROCHA UK.  We have strong relationships with the chefs we supply and individual customers through our veg box scheme.

You will learn how to sow, plant, tend, weed, grow and harvest naturally whilst deepening your understanding of the soil matrix and the critical role carbon plays.

You will also be involved with rearing, movement, care and husbandry of chickens and lambs and the importance of animals in soil regeneration.

We are looking for hard working individuals who are willing to serve, eager to learn, dependable and keen to take on new challenges who will reap the rewards of being part of our family; a widely experienced small dynamic team, within a larger residential community.

No previous experience required

Must be at least 18 years of age at start of internship

Internships runs October – September

Training and tasks undertaken 5 days per week

Room and all meals provided

Applications must be received by Sunday 6th September 2020 and must be available for interview week commencing Monday 14th September 2020.

For further information, for an application form or to arrange a visit please email

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