Prayer heats up over global warming

17 November 2015, Comments Comments Off on Prayer heats up over global warming

andy lester at portcullis 1Concerned Christians should pray for action for the world’s ‘catastrophic’ climate, says a leading conservationist.

The alarm was sounded by A Rocha UK’s Conservation Director Andy Lester (pictured) in a recent interview for Premier Christian Radio’s The News Hour. He urged Christians to pray for the United Nations climate talks in Paris.


A Rocha UK is part of a global initiative to enable Christians around the world to pray together during the talks. There will be a common hashtag #Pray4COP21, hour-long prayer slots and a pool of prayers to share.

Quizzed about latest findings from the World Meteorological Organisation, Andy warned of ‘absolutely catastrophic’ affects on the planet as excess carbon dioxide, methane and other gases cause temperatures to increase.

‘We’re looking at between 2.7-3 degrees Celsius rise over the next 70-90 years,’ he told Premier Christian Radio. ‘There is a real opportunity for us as individuals, churches and communities to show how keen we are that our Government and other governments should take action.’

WMO figures show the highest recorded temperature coincides with record-breaking CO2 and methane concentrations. Andy said when temperatures soar past two degrees Celsius, the world is in ‘real danger territory’.

The World Bank has warned that 62 million people in south east Asia could fall into extreme poverty by 2030. Other reports claim we could lose 30-40 per cent of animal and bird species.


‘The impacts are complex and challenging,’ Andy pointed out. ‘We’re now over a degree rise since the 1880s –­ that is now uncharted territory. So from here on in, some of it becomes a guessing game.’

In January 2016, A Rocha UK will launch Eco Church – an award scheme to equip congregations across England and Wales to care for the planet.

The United Nations’ weather agency, the World Meteorological Organisation reported that increase in gases – such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide – is fuelling climate change and making ‘the planet more dangerous and inhospitable for future generations’.

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