Prehistoric poo to woo pupils

26 October 2017, Comments Comments Off on Prehistoric poo to woo pupils

Dinosaur dung is among the latest additions to our exciting environmental education programme that’s been reaching out to hundreds of children across West London schools.


Geologist Ian Graham has kindly loaned us the fossilised prehistoric poo specially for the occasion, to boost the new topics that have been created for our latest lessons. Subjects range from the biological – habitats, classifying animals, lifecycles of insects and plants – to the geological – rocks, fossils and soils.

In addition, following on from last year’s popular ‘Bear Hunt’, we’re introducing a new activity called ‘Bear Hunt Adventure’ field work. We’ll go around the circuit as before, but looking at the animals and plants in those location habitats.

We’ve been running a whole school science programme of study with Hayes-based Guru Nanak Sikh Academy from September until November. The academy is located near Minet, the former 90-acre derelict site which we’ve already transformed into a country park. Minet is an oasis for wildlife and a valuable green space in a heavily built-up area.

We reckon by the end of the year we’ll have completed nearly 80 events and have influenced hundreds of children and adults. Initial feedback from teachers has indicated that activities were ‘fantastic and enjoyable’. Their one criticism was, ‘They were two short’.


Our London Education Manager David Melville has been joined in this work by new Community Education Officer Fiona Wilkinson. She is serving an internship for an academic year from Swansea University where she’s studying zoology.

‘We’ve been planning together and team teaching,’ said David, ‘so Fiona is settling in very well. We hope to teach cross curriculum education in the West London area – at Minet and Wolf Fields – for many years to come. After all, these children are the future guardians and benefactors of UK nature.’ (Photo of children examining the fossilised faeces)

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