US religious groups petition against fracking pipeline

27 November 2013, Comments Comments Off on US religious groups petition against fracking pipeline

A new pipeline has been proposed through Kentucky to connect fracking sites in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to an existing pipe that extends to the Gulf coast. It will carry around 200,000 barrels of hazardous liquid by-products of fracking per day. These by-products are flammable, and in August this year a 300ft-high fire was caused by a burst pipe carrying these liquids in Illinois. A petition against this proposed pipeline was presented to the Democratic Kentucky Governor, Steve Beshear, with around 36,000 signatures from both local concerned citizens and others from outside the state. Religious groups including Baptists, Presbyterians and Unitarians from Kentucky were represented at the protest, along with members of the Roman Catholic Sisters of Loretto who have already been successful in blocking a fracking pipeline from crossing their land in Marion County.

A Rocha UK Comments: It is encouraging to see Christians standing up for environmental issues, and particularly pertinent for us here in the UK as our government proceeds with its fracking plans.

Source: Huffington Post, November 2013

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