Report on Lee Abbey’s BioBlitz 

26 June 2019
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26 June 2019, Comments Comments Off on Report on Lee Abbey’s BioBlitz 

A Rocha UK and Lee Abbey coordinated a BioBlitz on the Lee Abbey Estate at the end of May. A team of experts from A Rocha UK and some of our Partners in Action came together to survey the birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, insects and plants which call Lee Abbey’s 288 acres home.

Highlights over the five-day mass survey included spotting a young tawny owl; observing fulmars nesting on the cliffs; following roe deer and badger tracks; catching bank voles and identifying three species of bat. Lee Abbey’s enthusiastic younger guests visiting for the week on their half-term school  break were also thrilled to find out that there were 35+ newts and more than 321 plant species on this beautiful estate!

We are in the process of compiling and analysing the findings of this significant and valuable project, and look forward to hearing the full results. Lee Abbey’s Environmental Coordinator, Jo Greenwood, commented, ‘The results will help us recognise practical ways that plants and animals here can thrive, and will also help us to be intentional about improving our stewardship of this spectacular estate. It’s been great to have so many Partners in Action working together with us. [As Christians] we promise to cherish and protect God’s creation, and so the Bioblitz is a brilliant way of expressing this.’

If you would like the chance to learn a bit more about wildlife surveying and nature, another Partner in Action, Brunel Manor, in conjunction with A Rocha UK, is holding a Family Bioblitz between 19–23 August for families to explore the wonderful woodlands around Brunel Manor, as well as the beautiful South Devon coast. Please see here for further details.

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