Book recommendations

  • Wow! Our Amazing Planet – David Chandler

    Wow! Our Amazing Planet – David Chandler

    A cross-curricular conservation resource for RE teachers
    Ideal for KS1-KS1 and P1-7

    A quick Q&A with author David Chandler

    Q: An obvious question, but who’s this book for and what’s in it?

    A: It’s for anyone who teaches Religious Education to children aged five to eleven. It gives a good, solid overview of what the Bible says about God and creation, Jesus and creation and our role as part of creation. There’s loads of information, ready-to-tell stories, activities ...

  • Love For The Future: A Journey – David Osborne

    Love For The Future: A Journey – David Osborne

    (Wild Goose Publications, 2013)

    David Osborne recounts a journey on foot from his home in Shropshire to the island of Iona. Interwoven with this venture are his own life ‘journey’ and the movement of our world into an unknown future fraught with ecological threats. The places through which he travels, and the people he meets, prompt valuable reflections on social, moral and ecological issues. Occasionally these reflections are associated with different periods of his life, and ...

  • Silent Spring Revisited – Conor Mark Jameson

    Silent Spring Revisited – Conor Mark Jameson

    (Bloomsbury, 2012)

    ‘American scientist and author Rachel Carson is said to have sparked the modern-day environmental movement with the publication of Silent Spring in 1962. She made vivid the prospect of life without birdsong. But has her warning been heeded?

    ‘Fifty years on, Conor Mark Jameson reflects on the growth of environmentalism since Silent Spring was published. His revealing and engaging tale plots milestone events in conservation, popular culture and political history in the British Isles and ...

  • Hope In An Age Of Despair – Jonathan Moo & Robert White

    Hope In An Age Of Despair – Jonathan Moo & Robert White

    (IVP, 2013)

    This is a powerful book full of godly wisdom and deserves a wide audience. It is truly important reading for anyone seeking for hope in our troubled environmental times.

    While the authors describe some scenarios well known to all who are tracking the rapidly developing environmental science behind such issues as biodiversity loss, climate change, land use, food and population, the lens of hope through which they look at these severe challenges frequently gives a ...

  • Wild Hope – Andrew Balmford

    Wild Hope – Andrew Balmford

    (University of Chicago Press, 2012)

    Andrew Balmford’s theme is conservation success. After briefly reviewing the current depressing state of worldwide conservation, he points out that, although the glass is half empty, it is also half full, illustrating this by describing a variety of situations he has visited around the world which show that conservation projects can be successful, despite setbacks and failures, and give hope for the future. These vary widely in scale and methods – ...

  • The Bible And Ecology – Richard Bauckham

    The Bible And Ecology - Richard Bauckham

    (Baylor University Press, 2010)

    I feel extremely fortunate. The topic I’m most interested in as a Christian also seems to be the topic that one of our leading New Testament minds has decided he wants to spend his retirement years focusing on and writing about (amongst other things, no doubt).

    I’ve read Richard Bauckham’s works since I was a theology undergraduate many years ago, and it has been interesting to me to watch him becoming increasingly interested ...