Saving The Atewa Forest: A Rocha Ghana at COP26.

4 November 2021
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4 November 2021, Comments Comments Off on Saving The Atewa Forest: A Rocha Ghana at COP26.

On Tuesday 2, our Sister organisation, A Rocha Ghana held an exhibition advocating for the protection of The Atewa Forest. 

National Director, Seth Appiah-Kubi, with Deputy National Director, Daryl Bosu
in the Green Zone at UN Climate Change conference (COP26) in Glasgow.

The video below explains why the Atewa Forest is a key area for biodiversity and climate.

A Rocha Ghana’s exhibition in the Green Zone coincided with the President of Ghana, Akufo-Addo addressing world leaders with a prepared statement. 

National Director, Seth Appiah-Kubi shared his reaction to the Ghanaian President’s speech, “We need to change the paradigm or our development pathway. That’s what we were eager to hear from the President’s speech. Unfortunately, it was still business as usual. The old rhetoric that we have heard is not relevant in the climate crisis and emergency that we are all facing and certainly not a message for COP26. Yes, we need the West to fulfill their commitment to the financial promises that were made. I don’t think that there is still the argument that we need to develop or to develop in the approach that decimates our forests and destroys our natural resources. We need a new approach. For the case of Atewa, it will be proving that the Green Pathway will give us a more sustainable finance stream.”

In the video below, Daryl shares more about the importance of one of West Africa’s most biodiverse zones and some prayer points. Seth encourages the international community to support the campaign by signing the online petition here and writing to their MPs.

Read the A Rocha family joint statement on nature based solutions here.

Visit A Rocha Ghana’s website here.

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