Scottish blueprint for a greener nation

6 October 2014, Comments Comments Off on Scottish blueprint for a greener nation

SAMSUNG CSCWhile Scotland was getting ready for its recent referendum, A Rocha UK’s Lisa Ostenson was helping to prepare a blueprint for the nation’s future.

Head of Fundraising for A Rocha UK, Lisa assisted the Evangelical Alliance Scotland in the production of their timely manifesto What Kind of Nation?

Published just ahead of the Scottish independence vote, the document offered 38 recommendations covering the four pillars of Scottish society – economy, family, civil society and the environment. EA’s Public Policy Officer Kieran Turner had invited various people to review the content. A Rocha UK’s Lisa offered input on the environment and steered the EA towards relevant policies and research on such issues.

‘Most of the suggestions are in line with the recommendations set by Scottish Environment Link, which is an umbrella body for environmental organisations in Scotland,’ said Lisa. ‘So it’s not a paper about “yes” or “no” to independence – it’s about how the Scottish Church would like their Parliament – whoever they may be – to consider Scottish values and enforce them in key areas of Scottish society.’

As it turned out, the environment and natural resources became big talking points during the referendum debates. ‘In Scotland we feel an historic connection to our land,’ said the EA’s manifesto. The document envisioned a Scotland where the environment is taken seriously and resources aren’t wasted – ‘one where our beauty is cherished… where we do not mortgage our future on the selfish pursuit of “ever more”‘.

It promoted the idea of a Scotland where resources are stewarded responsibly and shared equitably, and where communities are ’empowered to own, steward, protect and cultivate the land for the long-term benefit of all’.

Interestingly, the document pointed out Scotland’s ‘staggering’ range of natural resources. ‘With 25 per cent of Europe’s tidal energy potential, 25 per cent of its offshore wind and ten per cent of its wave potential, Scotland has the capability to lead the world in renewable energies,’ it said.

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