Scottish centre joins A Rocha UK

31 August 2017, Comments Comments Off on Scottish centre joins A Rocha UK

We pulled together a team of volunteers and took them north of the border for a ‘bioblitz’ survey this summer. The aim was to find what species and habitats reside at our new Partner In Action in Scotland – the Abernethy Centre at Barcaple, Dumfriesshire.


And our Conservation Director Andy Lester has written about it – with some excitement – in his latest blog. ‘Our own chair of trustees, Steve Hughes, came to oversee bird-ringing, Colin Conroy led a group that catalogued plants and Rick and Barbara Mearns went in search of moths and dragonflies,’ said Andy.

But the survey wasn’t just about species. Jon Cox, CEO of another partner Adventure Plus, led more volunteers to review the existing outdoor activities – and how they could be integrated into caring for God’s creation.

Abi Forsythe, our conservation intern, looked at energy use and food provision in the main house. Chris Baillie considered how the habitats on site are connected to the surrounding area.


‘It was a great week,’ Andy concluded, ‘and a comprehensive report will be coming out for the Barcaple team…This was a trip to remember.’

Our Partners in Action are Christian landowners – retreat centres, outdoor activity charities, worshipping communities and others – who share our vision to see nature restored in the UK. We’re working with them to increase the abundance of declining species and help them engage more people with the wonder of God’s earth. (Pictured is Conservation Director Andy Lester, centre of shot, leading the team at Barcaple, and team members touring the site. Photos: Richard Mearns)

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