September Heatwave

22 October 2020
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22 October 2020, Comments 1

The radio weatherman has just forecast “a burst of late summer heat”. I’ve been enjoying days of gorgeous September weather. I look forward to being on the reserve when it’s still and sunny, as I know that will bring out the dragonflies. There are plenty of Migrant hawkers about, the light catching the green of their thorax and blue on the abdomen. Darters have been flying locked in mating pairs. I still struggle to be sure whether I’m looking at Common or Ruddy darters. There have been a few Brown hawkers still on the wing. The largest dragons around now, the Emperors, are over … and there are a few damselflies to be seen, particularly the Willow emerald that I’m told completes its lifecycle from nymph through to adult in one season and is one of the latest to emerge.

The Willow emerald is a relative newcomer brought north by changing climate. I love the September warmth, but find myself thinking about whether this is part of a more concerning phenomenon: the overall warming of our planet.

I watched the David Attenborough programme, ‘Extinction: the Facts’.  Did I enjoy it? I’m not sure. I’m glad I saw it and was impressed by the marshalling of the facts alongside the powerful visual footage. I was glad too that the programme moved on to look at practical and effective responses, answering the question, “What can we do?”

The issues are so big we can feel overwhelmed. Some people are driven by desperation. Some people feel hopeless and are paralysed by fear.  I hold onto hope. We can all play a part in making a difference for good, and where we act together our efforts can snowball into something bigger.

My Christian faith leads me into hope too. I believe in a God who still loves the amazing, complex, beautiful world He created and who hasn’t given up on it, just as he hasn’t given up on us with all our failings.

Written by Andy Jowitt, Community Engagement Officer at Foxearth Meadows

One response on “September Heatwave

  1. David Melville says:

    Thanks for this, very encouraging in the face of unsurmountable odds.