Show the love of God for nature

27 January 2017, Comments Comments Off on Show the love of God for nature

show the love image february enews - 1Your church and community can be part of a much bigger movement as you care for God’s earth.

From 7th-14th February you can ‘Show The Love’ for the things that matter to you, such as nature – by taking part in this nationwide campaign. ‘Show The Love’ is spearheaded by The Climate Coalition, of which A Rocha UK is a part.


The aim is to make a fuss about the threat of climate change, which is already affecting nature and people. From organising a church event like Green Communion to arranging a meeting with your MP, you can use anything you want to ‘Show The Love’ for things that are at risk.

A launch event is planned for 7th February at Lords Cricket Ground, with an impact report on ‘at risk’ British landmarks. A new campaign film will be ready to share on websites and social media.

The coalition will wrap up ‘Show The Love’ on 14th February with ‘Good News Day’ and an event at Manchester United. Good News Day will celebrate how organisations and big businesses are tackling climate change.


But there’s a whole host of things already. A new map has been created to showcase ‘Show The Love’ events. There’s a range of resources on how to create activities. The coalition wants to know about your events. Their newsletter is the place to publicise your activities and actions – just send info and use this spreadsheet.

‘Churches can “Show The Love” for nature by sharing the things they love that are at risk from climate change,’ said A Rocha UK chief Andy Atkins. ‘Highlight something you love in nature which is under threat. But that doesn’t mean thinking up something new. You might already be taking part in Eco Church’s Green Communion birthday celebration. If so, tell the Climate Coalition!’ (Pictured is actor Jeremy Irons, who supported last year’s campaign. Photo: Sam MacElwee)

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