Sound ideas are shared for Advent

2 November 2015, Comments Comments Off on Sound ideas are shared for Advent

sound ideasChristians across Britain can plug into podcasts from a specially themed Advent calendar that mixes Christmas with conservation.

A Rocha UK’s online service Hope For The World offers seasonal reflections by leaders in conservation, development and theology. They share ‘thought for the day’-style messages – and rally people to pray for the planet.


Audio clips can be heard from such commentators as Christian Aid chief Loretta Minghella OBE and TV presenter Peter Owen-Jones. They apply hope to United Nations climate change talks, which take place in Paris just before the festivities.

In his own podcast, Holy Trinity Brompton Vicar and Alpha pioneer Nicky Gumbel (pictured) calls the wider church to repent in this whole area. ‘When I looked at this subject, I realised there are things we’ve been doing that we shouldn’t have been doing in terms of the environment,’ he admitted.

‘We’re trying to put that right. For example, we’ve transferred to a green energy supplier. I think we are now supplied in the vicarage with wind power. I don’t know how that will work out, but we’ve done it.’


However, Nicky’s festive message isn’t doom and gloom at all. ‘We should enjoy God’s creation with gratitude and not guilt,’ he pointed out. ‘God loves it when we enjoy his creation.’

For more audio reflections with transcripts, visit here. Don’t wait until December 1st. Go now and register for daily notifications.

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