Strategy 2016-2018

The headlines




In the face of a rapid deterioration of the health of the natural world, and the urgent need to re-engage the public in understanding and caring for nature, A Rocha UK will focus its attention on engaging the section of the public it is uniquely placed to reach. Our mission is:

Mobilising Christians and the Churches to care for the natural world
(For God, nature and everyone)



We want to see:

  • the UK’s natural environment thriving again
  • the public enjoying, nurturing and defending nature
  • Communities finding unity and resilience in caring for their environment
  • Christians leading the way, caring for nature as a core expression of their love for God.
  • A Rocha UK as the natural home for all UK Christians to be informed inspired and equipped to care for the natural environment in and for their communities.



By the end of 2018 we aim to:

  • Increase a local population of at least 10 declining species in the UK (through A Rocha UK and partner-managed land)
  • Establish a high-quality conservation demonstration site in every UK region (though A Rocha UK and partners)
  • Increase by 10% the number of people which we and our partners are enabling to engage directly with nature
  • Treble the number of UK churches taking action on the environment
  • Double the number of Christians acting on the environment with us
  • Establish the internal culture, financial management, systems, skills, structure and premises required to achieve our external goals and achieve organisational sustainability



  • Prayer focused: We will encourage and enable staff, Board, volunteers and supporters to seek God in prayer for the protection and restoration of the natural environment, and the work of A Rocha UK
  • Outcome focused: We will focus our all our work on achieving a few major, largely external, outcomes (the goals, above)
  • Rooted in local community – Southall: We will develop our presence in Southall as our ‘spiritual home’ from which to work and demonstrate community conservation, seeking to bring more local land under management for nature and people in this multi-cultural urban community, and to develop our premises to enable greater community and national outreach.
  • Increasing national influence:
    • Deepening and broadening our conservation work: We will seek the highest impact for nature on the land we and our partners manage; expansion of the Partners in Action network to deliver more land managed for nature; improving our data collection to learn better from our conservation work to demonstrate good practice to others.
    • Scaling up our churches work: We will seek a step change in Church’s engagement with care for creation by promoting and supporting the Eco Church programme across denominations and streams, and expanding the capacity of our expert speaker team of staff and volunteers.
    • Enabling individuals and families to engage with us: developing a dynamic toolkit of practical actions for individuals and families to take on conservation.
  • Support international conservation: Through collaboration with A Rocha International, we will enhance the ability of sister A Rocha organisations in other parts of the world to protect and restore nature, as well as learning from them ourselves.
  • Research, policy and information: We will develop an expert volunteer team to research topical environmental issues and provide credible information to our supporter base in support of our aim to be the ‘home base’ for Christians concerned about the environment.



ARUK is part of the wider AROCHA International family. Now with 19 national A Rocha Organisations, in the Americas, Oceana, Africa, Asia and Europe, the family is bound together by common values:

  • Christian
  • Conservation
  • Community
  • Cross-Cultural
  • Cooperation