Video Updates from our team at COP26

2 November 2021
Comments 5
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2 November 2021, Comments 5

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5 responses on “Video Updates from our team at COP26

  1. Brian Griffiths (PiA: Chinnor Churches Go Wild) says:

    Well done Andy, Andy and Hannah – so useful sharp-end updates on how things are progressing and what to pray for. Thanks

  2. Great Video’s, updates much appreciated, all the best to all the A Rocha Team at COP26

  3. Kathy Thomas says:

    Very good video presentations-short and to the point. Praying for you all in Week 2 of COP26. It’s our churches Climate service today!

    • Jennifer says:

      Dear Kathy, it means everything to know that you are praying. I hope that your Climate Sunday service went well. Best wishes and thank you, Jen

      • Kathy Thomas says:

        Thank you Jen. I hope there have been some real positives to take away from COP26 and the challenge now must be to keep up the pressure on leaders to act and deliver on promises given.
        Our service went very well thanks. We were promoting Eco Church and what we can do as a congregation. It set people thinking about what we might do next. Safe travels back home and God bless you in your work. Kathy