A Rocha UK’s Partner in Action programme is taking action to improve biodiversity, address climate change and make a real difference to nature restoration in the UK.

A growing network of Christian land managers demonstrating active care for the natural world.

Across the UK, our Partners are caring for the biodiversity of their land, supporting the recovery of declining species and threatened habitats and engaging visitors with a message of hope for creation through practical action and demonstration of good conservation practice. We hope you will get involved with a Partner near you! Use the map below to find your closest Partner.

A wildlife board at St. Madoc Centra, Wales.

Labryinth at Othana Community, Bradwell

Who are our partners?

Our partners are church clusters, community groups, schools, farms, forest schools, cathedrals, retreat, conference and youth adventure centres.

Many offer great accommodation, conference, activities, retreat and event options. Staying with our partners is a great sustainable holiday option.

Our Target 25 project is helping threatened species and habitats in the UK.

Our Partners are working for a positive impact on their own land. To enable this, they participate in joint conservation work, including committing to increasing the abundance of 25 target species.

“Many organisations are looking to be part of a wider network working towards the same goals, having a platform to share joys and struggles, to encourage and find encouragement. Working in partnership, we are looking to scale up our efforts to protect nature and make an even more significant contribution to communities across the UK.”

Regina Ebner, Partners in Action Coordinator