Target 25: Protecting vulnerable species across the UK 

Target 25 is A Rocha UK’s project to help a range of declining species, taxonomic groups, and threatened habitats.

Our Partners in Action are working to help a wide range of 25 target places and species that are struggling with the effects of climate change, habitat loss and pollution.

Each Partner is using iRecord to monitor numbers of species, and track improvements in populations in response to the work done to care for the species on site. Using iRecord can inform further land management plans created in the years to come.

Labryinth at Othona Community, Bradwell

Join us to help threatened species and habitats in the UK

Things can change for the better when we work together. Every story of hope offers more inspiration and momentum to take action to address the biodiversity crisis we face.

New information packs have been produced to help identify and support Target 25 species, groups and habitats. The resources below offer guidance on monitoring and recording and suggest practical actions that can be taken to boost local populations. Please share them with your friends and family.