Windows open on A Rocha’s global work

31 August 2017, Comments Comments Off on Windows open on A Rocha’s global work

Did you see the news about an elephant rescued ten miles out at sea off Sri Lanka? Did you hear about an African forest threatened by a ten billion dollar bauxite deal? A Rocha workers were interviewed in both major stories.


New windows have been opened on the vast scope of the A Rocha family’s work across the globe. And all this has been hot on the heels of BBC TV’s Countryfile focusing on dragonflies at our nature reserve Foxearth Meadows.

‘It’s overwhelming to see the breadth of projects for the wider A Rocha family,’ said A Rocha UK Engagement Director Rich Bee. ‘From dragonflies to elephants to African forests, A Rocha is on the frontline. All over the planet, we’re working tirelessly to protect and nurture God’s earth.’

The Guardian – among other papers – reported on the elephant rescue off Sri Lanka’s north-east coast. A Rocha India’s Avinash Krishnan said the discovery of the animal so far from land was less remarkable than it seemed.

‘They’re very good swimmers,’ he told The Guardian. But the navy’s intervention was probably still necessary. ‘They can’t keep swimming for long because they burn a lot of energy,’ he said. A Rocha India are seen as experts in elephant conservation.


In a BBC interview, A Rocha Ghana’s Deputy National Director Daryl Bosu (pictured at bottom of story) questioned his country’s bauxite deal with China. ‘We’re concerned about all the damage it’s going to do,’ he said.

He told BBC’s Focus On Africa radio programme that environmentalists are worried about the impact not only on the ecology of the region – but also on the water supply – which would affect millions of people. A Rocha Ghana are at the forefront of campaigning to not only keep the Atewa Range Forest Reserve – but also upgrade it to National Park status. (Pictured at top of story are Asian elephants. Photo:Vijay Anand, the late founder of A Rocha India)

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