Wolf Fields is awash with pride

25 June 2017, Comments Comments Off on Wolf Fields is awash with pride

wolf fields pond (1)Supporters have helped transform a muddy hole into a new wildlife pond at A Rocha UK’s urban nature reserve Wolf Fields.

Several tonnes of earth have been moved to create the pond and dipping platform. The London Borough of Ealing provided a free source of water for the wetland area.


‘Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we now have a fantastic area of fresh water on site,’ said Conservation Director Andy Lester. ‘Given how dry this area of London is, our biggest struggle was to fill the pond. So we’re immensely grateful to the council for covering the costs of filling it up!’

Conservation intern Abi Forsythe and the community team have been busy purchasing aquatic plants – and planting has begun. ‘The good news is that many of the plants have taken well,’ Andy explained.

‘Not quite so good news is that we have a resident mallard and mandarin duck. They’re clearly delighted with the pond – and plants to eat. Now we have to manage the planted area so it’s not too appealing to visiting ducks!’

The team are finalising designs for a braille interpretation board designed by Greenhouse Graphics, with artwork by nature painter David Thelwell. A new ‘hearing post’ will also be put up soon.


‘Exciting times lie ahead,’ said Andy, ‘and we’re grateful to all of you for your generosity. Without our supporters, we wouldn’t have got to this point. And in a few months, the entire pond area will have been completed.

‘What an amazing result – from a muddy hole in the ground to a vital area of fresh water. This new wetland area will provide a great place for species to thrive and for young people to learn all about water and the wildlife we can encounter there!’

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