Workers wanted at Wolf Fields

30 January 2016, Comments Comments Off on Workers wanted at Wolf Fields

clearing ground for plantingWork is soon to reach its fruition on establishing an orchard at A Rocha UK’s urban nature reserve Wolf Fields.

Sixty trees specially ordered for the project arrived just before enews went to press. The consignment was made up of 30 apple trees, 15 pears, five cherries, five plums, two each of quinces and mulberries – and one medlar tree – with its unusual tomato-sized, golden-green fruit.


‘We’ve now “heeled in” the trees and covered them up to keep them safe from frosts until we plant them,’ said Community Manager Kailean Khongsai. ‘We’ll be planting the trees over two days in February. All are welcome to come along and join in – but please wear warm clothing and sensible shoes!’

Other parts of Wolf Fields are also being developed. Groundwork for the sensory garden was completed in November and that area is now ready for planting in the spring.

‘We’ll be planting a range of plants in each of the five petals of the garden,’ said Conservation Intern Abigail Leach. ‘We’ll be setting a date for planting later in the year, but if you’d like to help, please contact us to register your interest.’

Funding has also been received for the storytelling area – including a fire pit and shelter. ‘A massive “thank-you” to everyone who’s given advice and support so far with the development of the storytelling area,’ said Kailean.


‘To get the shelter up in the right place and the fire pit built, we would love your expertise and input. So please let us know if that’s something you’d be interested in.’

Orchard planting will take place from 10.30am-1pm on both 17th and 20th February. There are also other weekly work parties on the three-acre site. For further information, contact Kailean Khongsai or Abigail Leach.

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