Dragonflies need your help

28 April 2017, Comments Comments Off on Dragonflies need your help

Four-spotted Chaser David ChandlerHelp make a haven for dragonflies. By responding to A Rocha UK’s latest appeal, you can help establish Foxearth Meadows as a key habitat for these magical creatures.


A Rocha UK’s Foxearth Meadows Nature Reserve (pictured) on the Essex-Suffolk border is at a crucial stage, and needs supporters’ help. We have just launched an appeal to raise money to help us create and maintain this vital habitat for dragonflies and damselflies.

Dragonflies and damselflies – also known as odonata – are one of the most ancient groups of insects, thriving in wetland habitats. But in the last 50 years, their habitats have been hammered due to a combination of climate change, pond drainage and house-building.

The 11-acre Foxearth Meadows can provide an important home for these insects. Site management will provide a mixture of open water, shaded pools, reed beds and healthy plant life for these insects to survive and thrive.

And it’s not just odonata that will benefit – other insects, plants and animals flourish in this setting. Funding a full-time Reserve Manager is now urgent as we carry out conservation work, develop the reserve and oversee a new team of volunteers.


The local community are already preparing to play their part in the official opening on 13th May. ‘It’s their reserve – and they want to show it,’ said Marketing Manager Beverly Evans.

‘We’re planning on having a 100-metre-long ribbon and inviting over 100 members of the community to bring a pair of scissors to cut their section of ribbon! The idea is they can each take away their bit of ribbon as a reminder of the day and of the nature reserve.’

If you haven’t already donated, consider helping us today. Your donations will help to establish Foxearth Meadows as a key habitat for dragonflies and damselflies. Donate here.

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