Your coffee cash can energise the earth

29 September 2016, Comments Comments Off on Your coffee cash can energise the earth

For less than the cost of a couple of coffees each month, you can help pay nature’s recovery bill. A regular gift of just £4 will go towards funding A Rocha UK’s new strategy for the environment.


The state of UK’s nature demands unprecedented efforts to save it, says the charity. Latest data shows creation in crisis. As a Christian conservation organisation, A Rocha UK believes it’s ideally placed to mobilise churches to help. And it needs your support. Plans include:

– increased conservation work at A Rocha UK’s nature reserves;

– hundreds more churches involved in the Eco Church award scheme;

– thousands more Christians engaged in caring for God’s earth.

‘For a small charity, A Rocha UK has big plans,’ said Operations Director Steve Deall. ‘We want to roll out our new strategy fast – for the sake of nature and people – and we’ll soon be planning for next year.

‘Managing our finances means we can only plan to do what we can properly pay for. We’re deeply grateful for the regular donations of many supporters which allows us to do our work. But we could do more – and move faster – with more donating supporters.’


The most effective way is to take out a standing order. ‘It’s easy and safe,’ Steve added, ‘and you can stop it any time if your circumstances change. Supporting us with a standing order gives us a reliable regular source of income and helps us plan ahead.’ Regular donors giving at least £3 per month will receive A Rocha UK’s high quality magazine Root And Branch twice a year.

The new strategy rolls out in 2017. ‘The more support we can count on,’ said Steve, ‘the more work we can plan for – so the more impact we can have next year for nature!’ Download a standing order form here or call 020 85745935.